About Stella

The Lioness Within Coaching was started by Stella Maher, an award winning confidence coach and mindset trainer to young women. She has worked as a life coach for four years but her passion for supporting young women who are struggling with poor body image, lack of confidence and low self-esteem; problems that she struggled with as a young woman herself, inspired her to create a unique and holistic personal development and confidence building programme for young women. She set up The Lioness Within Coaching in February 2019.

Stella has delivered her programme to sixth form students in Plumstead Manor School and partnered with The Rosebud Project for Girls to deliver her programme for four months. Her programme is helping young women to completely overhaul their mindset, confront limiting beliefs holding them back and transform from feeling insecure to becoming more confident and embracing their potential for greatness. Her programme also empowers young women to develop a healthy body image and to realise that their value and their worth are not measured by how they look or how popular or influential they are on social media.

Stella was part of the Grit 6-month Breakthrough Coaching Programme for students at the Ark Elvin Academy Wembley, helping the students who took part in the programme to make a positive shift in their mental wellbeing, self-belief and academic performance.

Stella speaks at business events and conferences as a motivational speaker. As a campaigner and fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now, she has spoken at many corporate events to represent the charity and raise awareness about breast cancer. She has shared the stage with Cherie Blair, actors Penelop Wilton and Sarah Hadland and BBC broadcaster Huw Edwards. She has campaigned to MPs about the importance of care after breast cancer and was featured on the front cover of the Evening Standard as one of the faces of breast cancer awareness month.

The Lioness Within Coaching

Our Mission

To help all young women, particularly those struggling with low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, poor body image and feelings of isolation and loneliness, to rediscover the self-assured, confident person hidden within them, to connect with their inner strength and beauty and begin to radiate them outwardly.

We are on a mission to change the lives of women 
all over the world – one young woman at a time.

Our Vision

For all young women to fall in love with who they are, develop a positive and healthy self-image and feel confident, beautiful and self-assured in their own skin.

Our Belief

We strongly believe that “prevention is better than cure.” It is easier to educate a young woman and equip her with the skills that will empower her to cope with life’s challenges and pressures from peers, social media, idealised body image expectations, early sexualisation, online and offline bullying, to mention just a few; than to treat and support her when she sinks into depression, resorts to self-harming or succumbs to the despair of eating disorders. It becomes more difficult, more painful, more time-consuming and more resources will be required.

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