Episode # 1

Listen to my chat with Rafael Dos Santos. He is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, CEO and co-founder of High Profile Club now known as GuidedPR and publisher of High profile magazine.

Episode # 2

Listen to my chat with Lovelda Vincenzi, international MC, moderator and public speaker. She talks about her childhood growing up in different parts of the world, creating amazing events, moderating and facilitating conversations with political figure heads, celebrities and entrepreneurs, as well as her experience interviewing Monica Lewinsky.

Episode # 3

Listen to my chat with Kristin Kripps, Canadian Real Estate Investor and Developer, International Wealth Creation Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author.

Episode # 4

Listen to my chat with Tanya Hadzhieva, Health and Tech PR expert, author and Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

Episode # 5

Listen to my chat with Rachel Shackleton – leadership trainer, corporate health specialist, speaker and founder of Green Key Personal Development. She is also a medical herbalist, naturopath and kinesiologist.

Episode # 6

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt. She is an international humanitarian, a global leadership consultant, an international motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a TV show host and a decorated athlete inducted in the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame. She has won many awards and has been featured in Oprah magazine as well as in ABC, BBC, CBC, City TV, Global News, NBC and FOX.

Episode # 7

Listen to my chat with Dr Menaca Pothalingam. She is a Leadership Consultant for Healthcare Professionals, Corporate Resilience Trainer, author of Resilience Learned, ambassador for women’s empowerment and dentist.

Episode # 8

Listen to my chat with Dexter Moscow. He is the CEO and Managing Director of Audience Dynamics, an Influence and Persuasion Skills Coach, an author, a public speaker and one-time Chief Guest Trainer on the QVC Shopping Channel.

Episode # 9

Sunny Sekhon – relationship coach, entrepreneur, public speaker and author. Find out how Sunny went from depression, hopelessness and lack of confidence to helping other people to have amazing relationships.

Episode # 10

Listen to my chat with Barke Faraj Kamuss, a Motivational Speaker, Coach, Mentor and Author. Join us to find out how she survived an emotionally abusive and traumatic marriage by deciding to become her own hero and live life on her own terms.

Episode # 11

Mavis Amankwah – a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, diversity ambassador, marketing expert, author and international motivational public speaker. Stella chats to Mavis to find out how she survived adverse childhood trauma, including racism and being kidnapped to building many successful businesses and making an impact in the business world as a diversity and inclusive ambassador.

Episode # 12

Paul Mundy-Castle, headteacher of Woodcote High School in Croydon. Tune in to find out how he played for the Brixton Topcats and travelled the world representing England and Great Britain in basketball, his passion for education and how he was teacher to Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., aka Stormzy, multi-award-winning musician and rapper, at Harris Academy South Norwood.

Episode # 13

Listen to my chat with George Garnett, Shannon Toye, Desiree Onomor, Gloria Mbala, Hawa Bangura and Aisha Alimi. They are students of Christ The King, Emmanuel Sixth Form College. Listen now to find out how their individual achievements are helping them to stand out as role models and brilliant students.

Episode # 14

Listen to my chat with Josephine Okolo-Erokwu and Alison Murphy. Josephine is head of Durham School at Christ The King – Emmanuel 6th Form College and Alison is the Assistant Principal at CTK – Emmanuel 6th Form College. Listen as they share their passion for teaching and share how they help provide a holistic educational environment for the young people they work with.

Episode # 15

Listen to my chat with Rheo Nanton and Lola Hameed. Rheo is a teacher and the Vice Principal of Tabernacle School, an independent Christian school based in West London and Lola is a Business Management and Retail Marketing graduate currently studying for her master’s in international accounting finance.

Episode # 16

Listen to my chat with Travis Ludlow. He is an airplane pilot and at only 18 years old, the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world.

Episode # 17

Remy Bertrand is my guest on Episode 17 of Look Up To The Stars. He is an Improvisation Facilitator and the founder of Imprology.

Episode # 18

Kay Johnston is an educator, the founder of the Enterprise Diamond School and was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of her services to education.

Episode # 19

Adam Nichols is an Educator, founder and Chief Executive of Schole, an organisation which helped to establish a new chain of schools in Zambia. He also worked as the adviser to Prime Ministers David Cameron and Gordon Brown.

Episode # 20

Lola is a Business Management and Retail Marketing graduate, as well as a very keen baker. Join Stella to find out how Lola did not allow her lack of confidence to stop her from going for her dreams.

Episode # 21

Listen to my chat with Leyton Benta.  He is a multi-award-winning independent singer, songwriter, actor and entrepreneur.

Episode # 22

Tanya Hadzhieva is Stella’s guest in this episode of Look Up To The Stars.
Tanya is an award-winning author, healer and spiritual leadership public speaker.
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