Coaching sessions with Stella helped me to redirect my focus onto truly important areas of my life that I was procrastinating on for a very long time. She made me realised what really matters to me, what are my values, which I live by every day and that allowed me to make fulfilling choices for myself, when we were working on achieving different goals.

What I found very valuable as well was the fact that Stella made me create a clear, structured plan that took me where I wanted to be. I knew what are the exact steps that I need to take. As a result of that I approached all my goals successfully and with confidence. Moreover I improved my career by qualifying as a coach and started to work towards organising workshops and seminars.

Stella helped me significantly in overcoming my limiting beliefs that were stopping me on a way to achieve that. She is a great listener and she has truly big heart and care for people which allow her to be curious about others and have lots of understanding. I would definitely recommend Stella as a coach as she is extremely dedicated person to what she is doing.

Thanks to Stella today I am much more confident and motivated person.

Paulina Tejs

Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Coach Stella has had a great impact on both my personal and academic life. She has coached me with care and understanding guiding me step by step towards achieving my goals. She has thoroughly guided me in motivating and encouraging myself to move forward with my goals no matter the difficulties or challenges I may face. Thanks to her inspirational coaching I am now able to break away from my fear of the challenges that come along with achieving my goals. Two of the challenges I faced since I was young were being socially adaptable both with people and my surroundings and trying to cut out unhealthy habits and live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I find coach Stella’s approach and style to coaching impeccable as with her guidance, in terms of my time, date and consistency management as my confidence and willpower levels have significantly improved. Setting a date and time to, for example, to the workouts that I do have increased my resiliency to not give up on achieving my fitness goals. My stress levels also, have greatly decreased from approximately 10% before being coached to 6% after being coached…

I find Coach Stella to be a phenomenal coach as her guidance will work long-term for me which is the most important aspect as maintaining a goal is just as important as achieving it. I now plan on taking up a lot of charity and work experience activities this summer and have currently applied to a solicitor firm already. I also plan on being a lot more involved in school activities at university. One important reason I was able to gain so much from Coach Stella was her way of coaching. She not only acted as a coach but also as a friend who passionately cared about getting me to achieve my goals.

Agnes Obi


Stella was the second coach I engaged during a difficult patch in my personal and professional life. After the first coaching session, I felt energised and motivated thanks to her effective and professional coaching style.

Within a month I made a decision to actively focus by prioritizing. As a result, I moved out of an area of overwhelming myself, lack of stability and poor output, where I had been stuck for several years without knowing.

Stella’s coaching helped to shift my paradigm into areas of self-discipline, accountability, inclusivity, looking at events differently, a reengineering of myself image with a boosted self-confidence. This led to outputs beyond my wildest dreams, a spring board for improvement in other areas of my life.

To me, Stella has prepared me for life a head, she has help me realised my limitations and blind spots using powerful and thought provoking questions, for solid decision making. Her unique quality of a great listener, a motivator and her ability to always leave me with a pondering question has been a major contributor to me achieving some huge goals within a short period. I will happily recommend Stella to my colleagues and friends; she is a treasure and very resourceful.

Arnold Chiy

Professional Life Coach

Stella’s coaching sessions were great. She asked those questions, which always got me thinking and sometimes challenged my thoughts towards reality.

Stella’s sessions helped me develop healthy living and eating options, which was geared towards dropping some fat, which did happen.
Her sessions were a great influence in my book writing and public speaking. I can say without the sessions, I would not have gotten to the level I am and can’t wait to publish the book and acknowledge her more appropriately.

Thank you Stella and God bless!

Ebele Obi

Coach, Speaker and Author

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